Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacons (EPIRB) and SAR Electronic Equipments

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) And SAR Electronic Equipments:

EPIRBS allow for the rapid location of any vessel or survivors of an accident at sea during an emergency, so that they can be located and identified in a matter of minutes anywhere in the world. Similarly, for Emergency Personal Locators at sea and land.

Our technicians have more than 20 years of experience in maintenance, testing, battery change and repair of beacons, personal locators, radar transponders and two ways VHF radios, we carry out inspections and maintenance according to IMO and GMDSS regulations.

Our technicians have been trained by ACR ELECTRONICS INC., the most important beacon manufacturer in the market. We have a complete laboratory with the most modern equipments and tools for inspection, testing, programming, calibration, repairs and change of batteries of locator radio beacons, radar transponders and two-way GMDSS VHF radios. Our encryption and testing hardware and software is permanently updated.

We also have portable testing equipment that allows us to render services outside our offices.

Our after sales service includes: Permanent monitoring, historic database of every equipment that received maintenance, training and others that can be coordinated with the client.