Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System:

The fire-fighting systems allow the quick reaction of the crew in case of fire or a fire aboard the vessel. There are fixed and portable systems according to the type of vessel, size and risk that can be found on board.

History has taught the maritime world how important preventive maintenance of fixed and portable fire systems is.

Our modern facilities, built according to international regulations, allow us to carry out maintenance according to IMO Regulations, FSS code, NFPA, INDECOPI and others.

We have state-of-the-art machinery, testing tools and equipment, electronic liquid gas meters, calibrated scales, fire extinguisher recharging equipment, our own hydrostatic high and low-pressure bottle testing station, among others.

Our technicians have 25 years of experience in the field, both in the design, manufacture and maintenance of firefighting equipment, they have been trained abroad by major manufacturers of firefighting equipment.

Our firefighting systems and equipment services are approved/certified by the leading rating companies: LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING, NIPPON KAYJI KYOKAI; DET NORSKE VERITAS - GERMANISCHER LLOYD, BUREAU VERITAS, AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING.

We inspect these devices with the utmost awareness of their importance, then we not only ensure that the firefighting equipment is in perfect conditions after each inspection, but we also worry about designing preventive maintenance according to the vessel navigation plan and we instruct the crew during the inspection.

Our continuous training system ensures an excellent quality in the service and maintenance processes of equipment, by implementing the latest updates, improvements and modifications issued by manufacturers and international organizations, so that your safety is never compromised under any circumstance.

Our after sales service includes: Permanent monitoring, historic database of every equipment that received maintenance, training and others that can be coordinated with the client.