Immersion Suits

Immersion Suits:

Immersion suits allow survivors of an accident to reduce the effects of hypothermia and survive in very cold waters, they are mandatory use for every person on board a vessel operating at a latitude of more than 25 degrees north or south.

Our technicians have extensive experience in the maintenance and testing of immersion suits, we perform the inspections and maintenance according to IMO and MSC CIRCULAR 1114 Resolutions, the stated rule requires that immersion suits are tested and approved at an external maintenance station, and approved every 3 years or earlier, according to the suits manufacture date.

Our technicians have been trained by important immersion suit manufacturers: VIKING, LALIZAS, DONG TAI CITY among others. We have, in addition to other equipment, digital pressure gauges, inflation system, pressure gauges, testing tables and the most modern equipment for inspection and testing of immersion suits, carried out in temperature and humidity controlled areas.

Our continuous training system ensures an excellent quality in the service and maintenance processes of equipment, by implementing the latest updates, improvements and modifications issued by manufacturers and international organizations, so that your safety is never compromised under any circumstance.

Our after sales service includes: Permanent monitoring, historic database of every equipment that received maintenance, training and others that can be coordinated with the client.