Boarding and Disembarkation Ladders

Boarding and Disembarkation Ladders:

They allow quick and safe access to vessels, they also allow the evacuation of passengers and crew in case of an emergency.

History has taught the maritime world how important preventive maintenance of scales is to prevent accidents when using them.

We perform inspections and maintenance according to IMO Resolutions. Our technicians have extensive experience, our services include inspection and weight test, fixed and mechanical parts, among others. Our technicians have been trained by leading scale manufacturers.

We have the most modern equipment for scale test and inspection, wireless digital dynamometers, flow meters, loading bags and others; our services are monitored permanently, our digital files allow a complete history of all the maintenance performed.
Our continuous training system ensures an excellent quality in the service and maintenance processes of equipment, by implementing the latest updates, improvements and modifications issued by manufacturers and international organizations, so that your safety is never compromised under any circumstance.

Our after sales service includes: Permanent monitoring, historic database of every equipment that received maintenance, training and others that can be coordinated with the client.