Life boats and Rescue Boats

Lifeboats, Rescue Boats and Launching Appliances:

Rescue boats and their launching appliances allow a quick evacuation of passengers and crew in the event of an emergency, rescue boats and their davits allow rescue operations quickly in case of a man overboard or any other situation requiring outside the vessel support.

History has taught the maritime world how important preventive maintenance of life boats, rescue boats and their launching appliances systems is to prevent accidents during handling and use.

We perform the inspections and maintenance according to IMO Resolutions 1205 and 1206 Rev 1. Our technicians have extensive experience, we perform more than 100 boat maintenance services and their launching appliances systems every year, including inspection and winch testing, brake testing, hooks, sprinklers, engines, breathing system equipment and other parts of the boats and their launching appliances systems.
Our technicians have been trained by major boat and davit manufacturers: DSB ENGINEERING CO., ZHENJIANG JUST MARINE EQUIPMENT CO., JIANGYIN WOLONG FRP BOAT CO., WUXI HAI HONG BOAT MAKING, BALDEN DENIZCILIK, among others.

We inspect these devices with the utmost awareness of their importance, then we not only ensure that boats and davits are in perfect condition after each inspection, but we also worry about designing preventive maintenance according to the vessel navigation plan and we instruct the crew during the inspection.

We have the most modern equipment for the inspection and testing of life boats, rescue boats and their launching appliances systems; wireless digital dynamometers, flow meters, loading bags and others. Our services are monitored permanently, our digital files allow a complete history of all the maintenance performed.

Our continuous training system ensures an excellent quality in the service and maintenance processes of equipment, by implementing the latest updates, improvements and modifications issued by manufacturers and international organizations, so that your safety is never compromised under any circumstance.

Our life boat and rescue boats and their launching systems services are approved/certified by the leading rating companies: LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING, NIPPON KAYJI KYOKAI; DET NORSKE VERITAS - GERMANISCHER LLOYD, BUREAU VERITAS, AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING.

Our after sales service includes: Permanent monitoring, historic database of every equipment that received maintenance, training and others that can be coordinated with the client.